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Easy Ways to Find Hidden Money

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

One of the easiest ways to find hidden money is to take a look at your spending. In this post, I am going to give you some places to look for hidden money so you can improve your finances!

  1. Quit some unhealthy habits. Things like tobacco use, pop (soda), alcohol, fancy coffee, energy, and sports drinks, etc. Not only will your wallet feel better, your body will too!

  2. Make a meal plan and shop accordingly. This helps you avoid buying food you don’t need or coming home after work and deciding to order takeout because “there’s nothing to eat”

  3. Cook once eat twice. This is also a time saver and again helps you avoid resorting to takeout when you are not in the mood to cook.

  4. Take a homemade lunch to work. Definitely cheaper and can be much healthier!

  5. Reduce takeout and dining out (using #2-4). Are you tired of health-related money saving options :) I can’t help it it’s the health coach in me!

  6. Avoid buying at full price-use discount codes, coupons, Honey, Rakuten, Ebates, etc. If it is something you really need or want a little research can help you get the best price.

  7. Buy used. Support your local thrift store! Buy a used car!

  8. Buy in bulk if it makes sense. Do not do this unless you are actually going to use it all!

  9. Consider new holiday and gift-giving traditions. Do you really need to just exchange gift cards each year or rack your brain for the right gift for your second cousin’s niece?

  10. Make your own cleaning products. So many simple and effective recipes online!

  11. Simplify your beauty routine. Are all the steps really necessary?

  12. Buy off-brand, Give it a try and see if there is enough of a difference to spend more on a brand name.

  13. Consider your transportation-could you walk, ride a bike, rideshare, use public transportation, or work a few days a week from home.

  14. Tax plan with your accountant to get the most out of your tax deductions.

  15. Check out the commissions you are paying with your financial advisor. Could they be lower with your current advisor or someone else?

  16. Reevaluate your insurance. Talk to your agent to see if there is a cheaper policy to fit your needs.

  17. Reevaluate your cable/streaming needs. What are you actually watching? Is there a cheaper option that provides the entertainment you want? Or is it time to also reevaluate how much time you want to spend on this form of entertainment?

  18. Reevaluate your internet needs. Is there a cheaper package/company that still fits your needs?

  19. Reevaluate your cell phone needs? Are you paying for more than you use? Do you really need to upgrade to the latest greatest cell phone model?

  20. Call your utility providers (and any of the ones mentioned above) and negotiate. Ask for discounts? Look at competitors.

  21. Be more energy efficient. Turn off lights, do not leave the water running!

  22. Avoid bank fees-overdraft, ATM, etc.

  23. Avoid credit card interest and fees. Pay your statement balance every month!

  24. Cancel any subscriptions and memberships (gym, amazon prime, credit monitoring, etc) you do not use or really need.

  25. Pay attention to autorenewal. Put the dates on your calendar so you can cancel or adjust the dates to fit your needs.

  26. Prioritize your extracurriculars and your kids’ activities. Which ones are most important and actually giving you value for the cost.

  27. Share expenses with a friend or family member.

  28. Make it a game and invite your family and friends. See who can have the most no spend days in a month.

  29. Only buy what you absolutely need or adds true lasting value to your life

  30. Take care of what you have. Gratitude for what we have takes the focus away from what we don’t.

What have you done to cut your spending? Which of these would you try? What should I add to this list?

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