• Allison Castle

One Important Thing To Consider To Overcome Intense Sugar Cravings

By: Allison Castle

One of the most interesting theories I have learned in my training to become a health coach is a concept called primary foods.

Primary foods are other areas we hunger for in life. So a really important thing we can consider with sugar cravings is that, when you are not happy with an area of your life, like your career, your relationships, your finances, your workouts, your family, where you live, the winter weather, your life's purpose, etc. it is sometimes so much easier to reach for sugar than deal with what is really going on.

We may use sugar to fill a void to ease the dissatisfaction, to feed the hunger for primary foods.

A craving may be extremely frustrating but what if it was actually a message to help you step into your most fulfilled life?

When cravings strike I invite you to take a look at these primary foods:

Relationships-Who are the people who support you unconditionally? Where there is negativity?

Career-Is my work fulfilling? Is the environment positive? Do I feel a balance between work and life?

Physical activity-What activity do you enjoy doing? When? Where?

Spirituality-Consider questions like, Who am I? What do I want? What contribution do I want to make in the world? Where do I feel connected?

If it feels helpful give each a rating from 1-10. This is the first step on the path of deconstructing your cravings and discovering what you are really hungry for.

Are you ready to take the journey further to and feed the hunger in all areas of your life?

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