• Allison Castle

The Financial Benefits of Communal Living

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

What do you think of when you picture communal living? Does it conjure up images of off the grid clandestine communes led by a charismatic figure with a penchant for kool-aid and weapons? What comes to mind when you think of the terms ecovillages? Do you picture hippies and peace gatherings? What about the terms cohousing, and intentional communities?

When I think of communal living I picture a group of people living together in a mutually beneficial way with shared goals or values. I think back to shows that were popular when I was young (and have gained popularity with my children thanks to Netflix) like Full House, Family Matters, the Golden Girls. Family and friends living together to support each other and provide us with good clean entertainment!

I have been fascinated with these living concepts for a while and see that there could be many benefits to having the social support of a community and positive environmental impacts but I have also been curious about the financial benefits of being a part of one of these types communities.

As I look from the outside at a communal living environment I see potential financial benefits in shared expenses and responsibilities.

Would your housing expenses be lower because you could live in a smaller home and utilize shared common spaces? How would that impact your utilities?

Could you share cars and cut down on car payments? And maybe there is someone handy in the community that can do most of the repairs and maintenance.

Would you have a community garden or even raise animals for food? Would you share shopping and cooking responsibilities for less food waste, consistent healthy meals, and more time freedom?

Could you share in pet care, childcare, senior care?

Would you share in lawn and home maintenance? Would you have shared tools and equipment for these tasks?

I see so many great ways to share resources, expenses, and responsibilities in a communal living environment. Do you see how some of them could be applied in a non-communal living lifestyle?

Whether you live communally or not you can still benefit financially (and otherwise) from sharing resources.

Would you consider living in a communal living environment? Are there any shared resources, expenses, and responsibilities you already incorporate in your life?

Have you lived in a communal living environment? I would love to hear about your experience!

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