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  Certified Human Design Coach ~ Certified Meditation Teacher
Mastery Certified Transformational Coach ~ Certified Public Accountant

Hi, I'm Allison, one part self-improvement enthusiast and one part number cruncher!  Accounting was my chosen career from my senior year of high school.  I was good at math, my mom was a CPA, it made perfect sense!  I loved numbers, spreadsheets, and things being in balance (yes I am a Libra!).  Straight out of college, I enjoyed the prestige of being a business professional and really lived for the weekend!  I planned to be a partner at a CPA firm one day.  That was the clear path to professional and financial success!        

My career ambitions were put on hold when my husband and I had children. Being a mom took priority over everything!  I became a mostly stay-at-home mom and felt my confidence tested as it has never been before.  Both of my children had some minor health concerns and through trial and error and an awesome friend, I learned some life-changing lessons about health and nutrition.  This sparked my love for health, thirst for knowledge, and led to me becoming a holistic health and life coach.  I had been feeling unfulfilled preparing audits and tax returns part-time on evenings and weekends.  My husband and I had made the choice to work opposite shifts to avoid daycare which worked well from a financial perspective but with this arrangement, we didn't have much time when our whole family was together.  I was striving for work-life balance, which to me was the ultimate measurement of success for a working mom,  but never felt like I could keep the scales in balance.  I was feeling pretty good about being a mother, I was feeling pretty good about making money but I was feeling deficient in quality time with my husband, self-care, and purpose.  When I really took a moment to look at where I was out of alignment I made a decision.  I was ready to let go of accounting and do health and life coaching work that felt more purposeful and would give me more control as a business owner.

I had found a true passion for health and life coaching.  I was helping people change their habits and live happier healthier lives!  I loved the work and knew that when I hit six figures would truly feel successful as a coach.  A six-figure seemed to be the gold standard in the coaching industry so that was my new baseline for success! In this striving to hit six figures, I realized my business was everywhere all of the time. I was having a difficult time disconnecting from my business and being present with my family. Coaching was feeling more like a job than a joy. I had to ask myself: Why did I become a coach in the first place?  What did success really mean to me?  What if I let go of trying to live according to someone else's measurement of success I made conscious choices to live a life that is true to me, my priorities, and my values.  Through my own journey with coaching, human design, and meditation and pulling from my experience in the accounting world, I discovered how to value and prioritize my time, money, and energy so I could make the most of every day.  Now I can truly enjoy my work, be present with my family and make time for my health. 


Now, I am living in alignment and it is my passion to help my clients do the same!

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