Certified Public Accountant  Mastery Certified Transformational Coach Meditation Teacher

Hi, I'm Allison, one part health nut and one part number cruncher!  Accounting was my chosen career from my senior year of high school.  I was good at math, my mom was a CPA, it made perfect sense!  Straight out of college, I enjoyed being a business professional. I loved numbers, spreadsheets and things being in balance (yes I am a Libra!). I planned to be a partner at my CPA firm one day.  That ambition quickly changed, after my husband and I had children. Being a mom took priority over everything and I loved it!  I became a mostly stay at home mom and felt my confidence tested as it has never been before.  Both of my children had some minor health concerns and through trial and error and an awesome friend learned some life-changing lessons about health and nutrition.  This sparked my love for health, thirst for knowledge and led to me becoming a holistic health and life coach.  I had been feeling burnt out preparing audits and tax returns part-time on evenings and weekends and had experienced tax law loopholes that felt very unfair and brought up feelings of judgment about money and greed.  I was ready to let go of accounting and do health coaching work that felt more purposeful.

I had found a true passion with health coaching.  I was helping people change their habits and live happier, healthier lives! But as much as I tried to avoid it, money kept popping up in my health coaching practice.  People I met felt stress about spending money on healthy food, self-care, holistic health services, fitness club memberships, etc but might not hesitate to spend money on things that weren't necessarily health-promoting like eating out and retail therapy.  Investments in health seemed to be the last priority and I wondered why.  

I decided to take some time to really reflect on my family's financial choices and I saw a similar trend. If the budget felt tight, no matter how much we were making, the first things to be cut were gym memberships, holistic health services, and organic food.  We were earning a great income, why did money feel so elusive when it came time to invest in our health? As I paid more attention to this I became frustrated!  I had been letting our finances run on autopilot and it was taking our family to a place that was based on someone else's goals and dreams (have you heard of the phrase "Keeping Up With The Jone's"?)!  Health was one of my top values, why was I not financially backing my health and the health of my family?  With all of my education and experience I should have known better, how did I let this happen!  After a bit of a pity party, I gathered my resource and started testing out some concepts using my accounting roots and my coaching skills. I began to think not only about my family's money habits but also the impact of our mindset and relationship with scarcity and abundance.  

Now money is a trusted ally.  We treat it with respect and take time to consider how we want to live, our goals, our beliefs, our values and how money can be used in a way that makes us thrive.  Using all of the skills I have learned and developed we pay attention to our money and feel confident in our financial decisions. We know that money will be there when we need and want it.        

I love holistic health and meditation and I can no longer ignore my nerdy accountant side!  Financial health is a huge piece of the whole health puzzle. Our habits and relationship with money matters!  Money can be a major source of stress but with the right habits and mindset it allows us more freedom to choose how we want to live!  

From my extensive background in accounting and coaching plus my personal experience, I will help you develop your goals and dreams and execute a plan to make them a reality.  I am so excited to help you learn from your financial past, enjoy your financial present and feel confident in your financial future.

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