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Elizabeth S.

I've been on a deep personal growth journey since 2019 and when I learned that Allison was doing these readings I couldn't resist.  Taking steps toward learning more about who I am, my default modes and how they came has been pivotal in my evolution.  Understanding myself more has allowed me to be more gracious to myself but also to see spots that I can work on and change.  I don't believe we're ever really stuck in patterns, but you have to KNOW the patterns in order to make changes and be better.  Allison was incredible in walking me through my human design, it was refreshing and I had more AHA moments than I can remember.  Another opportunity to continue to learn about myself and grow was a must. I love this work and would recommend that everyone take a leap and have a reading done.


Veronica T.

I recently worked with Allison on a financial course. I found her line of questioning and the other work we did very eye-opening. She is intuitive and has the ability to guide without it feeling forced. I was able to make what I feel are some very positive changes in my mindset and behavior during my course with her and will continue to do so!
If you are feeling stuck, want insight into why you do things the way you do, want to learn how to meditate or need guidance to achieve a goal—consider Allison.


Joyce T.

When Allison mentioned she was doing readings I was like sign me up!  I wanted to know more about me and how I was designed.  By learning more about my human design I knew it would help me in my relationships with others.  I trusted Allison to do my reading as she is very professional and has a high level of confidentiality.  I could tell she was very passionate about the subject and had a wealth of knowledge to share with me.  Our session could have went on for hours.  For me the biggest takeaway was that each of us our uniquely designed and that's ok.  If we were all the same, what a boring world it would be! If you are are interested in learning more about your human design then Allison is the one for you!  She will take the time to answer all your questions and provide you with a wealth of knowledge to help you understand what makes you, you!


Mel D.

While coaching me on money and solutions to my financial trouble she gave me insights that caused me to have a major AHA moment. I was able to combine my two backgrounds and create a whole new niche. Because of Allison I am on my way to a whole new career and working for myself. I will be a client of Allison’s for the rest of my life.


Meg S.

Working with Allison Changed My Life! The way in which she can guide you to first become aware of your self-limiting beliefs & then how she helps you to navigate the steps to actual change is a true gift! I recommend her services to anyone who is ready to remove all obstacles to becoming their highest self.  Thank you, Allison! ❤ 


Barb D.

I really look forward to each of my sessions with Allison. She is organized, personable, and optimistic. She presents the latest research so that is easy to apply, and each week I have found myself making small lifestyle changes. I now eat better, sleep better, and have more confidence in my choices. In addition, my latest A1C was in the normal range, and both my doctor and I were so pleased with the results. I hope that I can participate in a follow-up program, because I value Allison’s input and support. She is an outstanding health coach.


Emilee E.

I have found the two Castle Health Coaching classes I took to be beneficial in many areas of my life. I took the classes to get ideas of how I could make better eating decisions and habits. And I did learn those, but it was in a more wholistic way than I was anticipating. Not only did I learn about diet and how reducing my sugar intake has an impact on my life, I learned a lot of other useful skills as well. I learned techniques to help me get unstuck in areas where I hadn’t been successful in achieving my health goals in the past. I also learned breathing exercises that helped me reduce stress and be more in tune with my body. One of the things I enjoyed most in the class was spending time looking at other areas of my life that may be out of balance and finding ways and setting goals of how to live a more well-rounded life. Allison gave the support and encouragement needed to progress on my journey of healthy living and the group setting offered accountability along the way. I am very thankful to have taken the classes and would highly recommend them!


Lori F.

I participated in Allison’s Financial Facelift program.  I learned how to figure out exactly where money was going and determine where we could cut costs.  I learned to categorize our expenses and where we could plug money leaks. Allison shared 10 questions to ask yourself before buying something.  These questions were and still are the biggest takeaway for me. I now evaluate my purchases using these questions. Allison’s background in accounting and her desire to help others be financially stable result in a very helpful and calm approach to what is a very real part of our daily life.


Vicki B.

The educational pieces of the program were very beneficial to me. Just knowing how to look for the healthy choices in ingredients and reading labels gave me tools to make better choices. Also the tools to realize substitutions for foods that I may be choosing now for foods that are a better health choice. Allison is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping her clients and is a wonderful resource.


Sarah A.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been my ability to recognize what it was that I needed to work on. Without being able to identify what it is that you need to work on makes it difficult to improve and better yourself. This was a skill that I had learned from Allison. She broke situations down and asked specific questions that allowed my mind open up and view things differently. We even did different activities to allow me to see things from the outside. Change does not begin with someone telling you what you need to do in order to better yourself, physically, mentally & emotionally; it begins by recognizing within oneself the aspects that need worked on and slowly progress within until the desired goal is reached. Allison taught me to open my mind and think deeper and bigger about what I needed to see in order for transformation to happen. It takes a special skill to be able to point out what you feel needs to be improved but it takes a stronger desire to take what needs improved and continue to progress towards a goal.

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