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Helping business owners & leaders let go of
the struggle with work-life balance and create alignment in all areas of their life.

"Only when your intent and actions are in alignment can you create the reality you desire.“ - Steve Maraboli

Check out this free Life Alignment Exercise download to see how you can bring more alignment to your life.

Wake up at 5 am, meditate and journal, workout, eat breakfast and get ready for work,  commute to work, check email, have meetings, focus on work projects, eat lunch, take a short walk, back to work, commute home, fix and eat dinner, enjoy a hobby/or social time, get ready for bed, meditate and journal, read, sleep for at least 7 hrs. Repeat.

If you Google the ideally scheduled work-life balance day this is an example of what you might find.  Looks pretty balanced, but what happens if you throw children, a huge project with a looming deadline, an ill loved one, or even a vacation into the mix?  The Work-Life Balance scales start to tip wildly back and forth.

In reality, wildly unbalanced scales are more often the norm, and the effort to keep the scales in balance is exhausting and stressful. Yet we still try to achieve work-life balance because it is the measurement of living a full and successful life. It is the thing we are all supposed to strive for.

What if we could let go of the work-life balance we are supposed to be striving for and create alignment in our life instead?

What makes alignment different?

Alignment is about recognizing that work is just one part of life not in competition with life. It is about recognizing that life has cycles and seasons and that the ideal daily routine is a living breathing thing that is continually changing and evolving. It is about recognizing that everyone has their own unique measurement of success and fulfillment. I

Would you like to start living a more aligned life?

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