Money is a vehicle 

that can take you anywhere you

want to go.   

What drives you? Discover your money personality type and simples actions you can take right now to chart your course to financial freedom.
"The goal isn't more money. The goal is living your life on your own terms."  Chris Brogan

You make good money but it never quite feels like enough! 

Rest assured, you are not alone. Money is the biggest source of stress for Americans, according to data from the American Psychological Association.  This stress is taking a toll on our health, relationships, work, and ability to enjoy life to its fullest.  


Whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to money it is a vehicle that gives us choices and it is a part of our daily lives!


So how do we let go of this fear and stress so we can enjoy life on our own terms, using money not just to survive but thrive?

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on what financial freedom would mean for you.  What would it be like to feel confident that there is always enough to live a life you love now and in the future?  To do what you want to do? Go where you want to go? To contribute to causes that you are passionate about? What if you were fully at peace with money and living abundantly?

Would you love to experience this freedom?  Would you like to take your place in the driver's seat with a clear financial roadmap?

As a Certified Public Accountant, Mastery Certified Transformational Coach and Meditation Teacher, I combine my unique skill sets to help you master your money habits, shift your money mindset and develop a healthy relationship with money so you can take control of your financial freedom! 

empowerING you to take control of your financial freedom!

FINANCIAL programs


Veronica T.

I recently worked with Allison on a financial course. I found her line of questioning and the other work we did very eye-opening. She is intuitive and has the ability to guide without it feeling forced. I was able to make what I feel are some very positive changes in my mindset and behavior during my course with her and will continue to do so!
If you are feeling stuck, want insight into why you do things the way you do, want to learn how to meditate or need guidance to achieve a goal—consider Allison.

Joyce T.

 I made an investment in ME and it paid off.  I feel healthier, I am eating healthier, and I found someone who gets us women!  Allison taught me that "being healthy" is much more than what we put in our body and eating healthy doesn't have to be a 'diet'.  We only get one life so why not invest in you today?!?!

Mel D.

While coaching me on money and solutions to my financial trouble she gave me insights that caused me to have a major AHA moment. I was able to combine my two backgrounds and create a whole new niches. Because of Allison I am on my way to a whole new career and working for myself. I will be a client of Allison’s for the rest of my life.

Lori F.

I participated in Allison’s Financial Facelift program.  I learned how to figure out exactly where money was going and determine where we could cut costs.  I learned to categorize our expenses and where we could plug money leaks. Allison shared 10 questions to ask yourself before buying something.  These questions were and still are the biggest takeaway for me. I now evaluate my purchases using these questions. Allison’s background in accounting and her desire to help others be financially stable result in a very helpful and calm approach to what is a very real part of our daily life.


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Are you ready to take the next step in reaching your goals?   

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