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Inherent Worth Connection

The Inherent Worth Connection was born out of a need for mindful communication, as a response to a divisive conversation that lacked empathy and understanding. A conversation where neither party was really hearing the other. A conversation that was built on blame, fear, and assumptions. A conversation that resulted in more hurt, anger and frustration. This conversation was an eye-opening example of "hurt people hurt people".

Allison is a coach, meditation teacher and facilitator who dreams of co-creating with her clients and audiences a kinder, more compassionate world. She seeks to impact a root cause of divisiveness and bias through her work with inherent worth. She hopes to motivate, inspire and challenge people of all backgrounds through workshops, small group and private coaching to reconnect with their inherent worth, recognize the inherent worth of others and honor inherent worth in their communication so they move from hurting to healing.

For more information on upcoming workshops, seminars and group coaching opportunities click the button below or contact me at

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